The Mission Statement

It's easy to buy what you like, but finding it can be difficult

I often wonder what I am doing with my time as I scroll and scroll past many online shops. I see a lot of products, but it can be difficult to find something that I would truly like to purchase. It's not that I am picky it's just that prices of products have shot through the roof and shipping has as well. I used to really enjoy the awesome deals I could find online and there still out there; you just have to look a little harder and wait to see what the shipping and handling costs add up to! 

I've had enough of this inflation, its time we took the prices down ourselves and see what passing the saving onto the customer really looks like. Here at Sunside Studios we provide style products for prices that help balance out the new cost of shipping while still offering premium items that also have the option to ship for free. The fact that this shop operates online, alone is a huge money saver and reduces our overhead tremendously, this allows us to offer some of the best prices around while still maintaining a fresh collection to choose from ,every season. 

Enjoy your time and feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or feedback. 

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