The Lyric Open Mic (Mondays at 7pm)

Here’s another legend about The Alpha Catz.

[On Mondays The Alpha Catz travel to the lyric open mic and perform. Sign-up start at 7 PM and the show goes on until about 10 PM. It’s a family friendly venue that offers refreshments and a theater experience. We arrive, sign up, wait until performance and the we rock the show and split the venue!]

Our first performance was on Monday 4th, 2021. It was a night to remember and everything that could go wrong went wrong. First off, guitarist Bro Briian called off due to a life crisis which left bassist Russian Tim and Drummer/Singer Matty Liight with a choice to make, either bail the show they had prepared 2 weeks for or continue on, step onto the stage and face the music. With a heavy heart the two rockers realized that the call to fate was to strong and decided that they must face the challenge with out there fellow rocker in arts, Bro Briian. 

The two strike up a rehearsal and begin to rock! 2 hours before sign ups, they practice drum and bass renditions of a cover to “Boys don’t cry” by The Cure. They then rehearse the original song “Listen to me baby”. After a few hesitations and some adjustments, the two Alpha Catz make there way to the open mic!

Upon arrival the band notices that the house drum set is missing. Matty Liight cannot perform his part without a drum to play so he quickly runs back to the car to pick up his drum kit from home. Russian Tim stays behind to sign in and hold the place in line. The rock duo is last in line  to perform and the two end up performing after 18 other performers. They played the cover of “Boys don’t cry” and debuted the sing “Listen to me baby” for the audience and the online world to see. (The video of the performance is available on YouTube and on Instagram for your viewing.)

May this blog post mark a moment in history.

Blessings of The One Creator.  



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