Recording music is like…

So building a band has been the most random thing I’ve been part of. I didn’t see myself participating in a rock band but somehow and in  some way, It’s actually happening. One of the most exciting part of the process is the personal evolution I have experienced. This sounds super corny but it’s the honest truth! It seems that all the band members have seen some sort of transformation going on and it’s rad as fudge on ice cream! There’s a flow to the whole playing music and then recording it and then listening back to yourself. Thats like, some sort of mirror that your ears get to look into. It’s like being in a echo chamber where the hearts vibrations loop back and reshape it. Your whole life is upside down until the new inspiration hits you and you hear it back in action after a solid recording! 

We should be releasing a single on February 1st called Tremada! 


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