New Horizons 2022

The New Horizons collection is a selection of clothing from all over the world that is sure to change your game an d bring you closer to the world of 2022. 

There have been many updates about the energetic shifts brought in to focus around December 21st 2021. There has been word that new representatives have taken seat in the council that governs our interplanetary affairs. (The Sphere Being Alliance is the YouTube channel that provided this information)


 Many affiliates of the studio have reported a recent improvement in their fortune and have seen grace advance them forward. The fantastic part of it is that although there maybe turmoil in the vicinity, there is some guiding force that has  triumphed us through the adversity! 


Along with this news, we have decided to set a whole of accumulating 10,000 new and organic followers across all platforms and accounts affiliated with Sunside Studios! 



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